What is Finds

I’m building a moat. The Finds Network is the moat I’m building around what I consider to be my home, the Australian wedding industry.

It may sound a little ambitious, so let me break it down for you.

I’m building out (as Google calls them) authority websites in a large number, and the idea is that they refer to my friends and peers in the industry. Instead of farming out our content, our validation, marketing, and SEO needs to third parties who see us as a line in their sales reports, I want to take it back, and run the show myself.

Here’s how it works:

There’s no dollar amount you can pay to be a part of the network. This isn’t a profit centre for me. You just need to be the kind of wedding supplier we want to see at weddings.

I want my friends, and my peers, and my friend’s peers, to be listed. The idea is that it’s chock full of the kind of people we would all love to see at weddings. The creatives, planners, creators, and entertainers we all vibe off, are inspired by, and the people we recommend to our clients.

All I ask is that on a regular enough basis you would link back to the site/s you are featured on, that you might write a blog post about the region and link back to the directory you’re on, if you’re blogging about a wedding, you would reference the site or your listing in that blog post with a link.

It’s about creating authority in the eyes of Google.

So we want to feature and publish you, your weddings, your ideas, styled shoots, and blog posts.

If you don’t have the time, or the creative juice, to write blog posts, I have writing staff who can write for you. That costs money because that’s staff I’m paying. If you can write it all, it’s free.

An ideal situation would be you do A & B’s wedding at X venue in Y region. Our writer can write a number of human-helpful, but also search-engine-helpful, blog posts – one for your own website about a website in Y region and X venue for A&B, one for the regional website, the Y, about the couple’s wedding and the vendors working it, one for the broader wedding inspiration blogs about how A & B did something different, and one for the wedding venue blog about X venue and making you an authority on it. They’re all linking within each other, creating authority for you, and the network. It’s a sweet scenario, you work a wedding, and pretty quickly you’ve not only got a blog post on your website, but also a number of other blog posts where you’re featured, so you can share online talking up you being featured, and those blog features and directory listings, also are throwing you search engine love.

We’re starting fresh here, starting from zero, so the first two years will be a startup phase, and once we’ve got some steam, the idea is that your regional wedding directory will be the kind of place you’d feel really comfortable sending your couples for a referral – and if you see someone there who you wouldn’t work with, let us know, we want it to be a directory of high performers, talented creatives, good people generally speaking.

Our philosophy is the rising tide rises all ships. Except that we’re rising the tide by pouring water into our ocean, and we’re also asking that our ocean would only be populated by peers.

We’re taking our businesses, our marketing, and our search engine placement, into our own hands instead of placing it in the hands of yet another wedding blog or magazine or directory or fair.